Elements of Strong, Award-Winning Grant Proposals, by Kia Croom


I had the pleasure of partnering with TeQuionBrookins LLC, a Black-woman-owned firm, to present a workshop detailing what elements make for robust and award-winning grant proposals.” These vital elements must be included in a given grant application or proposal.”

• Executive Summary

• Statement of Need (AKA Problem Statement)

• Project Description

• Impact, Outcomes & Evaluation Strategy

• Budget & Budget Narrative or Justification

• Partnerships, Collaborations, or Strategic Alliances

• Conclusion

• Grant Addenda

Over the last 21 years, I’ve written grant proposals and structured strategic partnerships that have generated over $400 million. It’s always my pleasure to share my learnings to build Black and Brown-led organizations’ fundraising resilience, or capacity as some refer to it. Learn more about my work at www.kiacroom.com

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