About Me

Fund Development Expert, Trainer, Speaker, $387 million raised for nonprofits

Kia Croom is an experienced fund development executive with nearly 20 years of experience. To date she’s raised close to $400 million dollars for nonprofits of all sizes across the nation in a variety of cause areas including STEM, housing and homelessness, youth development, education, HIV/AIDS and more.

Kia has worked in a host of fund development functions over the years including but not limited to major gifts, grant writing, communications and digital marketing and her favorite—brokering high-impact corporate strategic partnerships.

Kia is incredibly passionate about racial justice in philanthropy, and interested in working with agencies committed to addressing anti-black racism specifically by uplifting, strengthening and supporting Black-led nonprofit organizations.

Kia is a proud HBCU alumnus and committed lifelong learner. Her educational achievements include:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, Clark Atlanta University
  • Master of Science, Public Administration, Kennesaw State University
  • Certificate in Fund Development, University of Richmond
  • Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility, Pepperdine University
  • Certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Cornell University

In 2021 Kia launched the Black Fundraisers Podcast to celebrate, inspire and equip Black fund development professionals to excel and positively impact Black communities. She’s committed to creating a community of practice to hold space for Black fund development professionals doing mission critical work across the nation. She’s incredibly passionate about career development for Black fundraisers, and helping them advance in the workplace. In 2021, she set a personal goal to engage and coach 1,000 Black Fund Development officers over the next three years.

Fun facts about Kia


Born and raised in Oakland California


Nationally syndicated published journalist


Woman of faith


Rap/hip hop music enthusiast


Xavier’s Mom


Lover of Southern Comfort food


A self-taught cook, who chefs up at home daily