Study says 50% of employees have gone to work hung over

Football season is practically upon us. In the spirit of the beloved sport, eager fans will descend upon local bars for happy hour and game parties. After an exciting game night, comes a painful morning.

Most people you suck it up and go to work. They hope to fly below the radar until punching the clock.

If this is your reality, you are not alone. A recent study conducted by Blowfish, a manufacturer of tablets to prevent hangovers reports 50 percent of American workers have gone to work hung over. Twenty-eight percent of respondents report being late to work because of a hangover and seven percent have admitted a hangover affected their performance on the job.

Cathy, a database administrator working in the financial district anticipates catching the final 49ers preseason game, Thursday as they take on the San Diego Chargers. She’s not ashamed to say she might be just a bit hung over come Friday.

“My co-workers and I are going to catch the game at the Royal Exchange. We love football season and always make an event out of catching the games,” she said.

“We’ve gotten smashed, but always manage to pull things together the next day and get our work done.”

This isn’t the only way football season takes a toll on productivity. Last week, we learned employees that play fantasy football will cost companies an estimated $14 billion this season.

If the morning after a game is not your friend, follow the tips above to help effectively manage and even hide a hangover. And if you truly can’t go in, don’t. We are not advocating violating company substance policies.

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