Why Kia Croom Fundraising & Philanthropy?

We're not just fundraisers, we're fund development strategists.

We specialize in helping our co-conspirators build relationships with donors that result in larger and more transformative gifts over transactional ones.

Smiling Black business man

We are making fundraising more inclusive, accessible and affordable

We understand how vital a robust fundraising strategy is to an organization’s health and sustainability.

We curate fundraising strategies proven to result in diversified revenue.

We create tactics & strategies that make sense for your agency.  No Cookie Cutter Approaches!

We get in the trenches with our co-conspirators.

Because we CARE, because we’re fixers. We aren’t afraid to get in the weeds with you.

Young black people marching in protest

We're just different!

We’re a liberatory firm committed to shifting culture dismantling systems of oppression

We primarily employ Black fundraisers who’ve left their nine-to-five’s due to racial trauma, and harness their fundraising expertise, creative strengths

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