Elements of Strong, Award-Winning Grant Proposals, by Kia Croom

  I had the pleasure of partnering with TeQuionBrookins LLC, a Black-woman-owned firm, to present a workshop detailing what elements make for robust and award-winning grant proposals.” These vital elements must be included in a given grant application or proposal.” • Executive Summary • Statement of Need (AKA Problem Statement) • Project Description • Impact, […]

Cocktails, Conversations & Lessons in Philanthropy S1 E2: Be You, They’ll Adjust!

Fund development expert, author, and philanthropist Crystal Hadnott and Kia Croom, nonprofit fundraiser, and digital marketer, discuss authenticity and how activating it has positively impacted their careers. Cocktails, Conversations, and Lessons in Philanthropy features leaders candidly sharing lessons they’ve learned while navigating their careers in the nonprofit & philanthropy space. These conversations promote narrative change […]